1. A higher dimension of space existing outside of normal space where points in normal space are closer together, thus enabling apparent faster than light travel to be possible. Featured in Star Wars, Babylon 5, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and the Stargate series, among other science fiction franchises.

2. The fan membership of starwars.com

3. The plain of existence of a caffinated person
1. "Wow, hyperspace is really queer..."

2. "I can't believe that guy paid to join Hyperspace."

3. "Look at that guy with the Dew, he must be in hyperspace."
by Loamstripe May 26, 2007
A sacred place you can only get to by puffin the elfspice (DMT).
BOOM! I just went into elfspice hyperspace.
by sp4zzj4zz December 23, 2004
1. When you, a friend, or whatever leave a place in a hurry; mostly to avoid someone, something, or avoid getting caught.
Upon seeing the cops coming toward his house, Sam ran outside and Jumped To Hyperspace.
by Venator1229 October 17, 2010
What Earth will be demolished to make way for.
The demolotion orders are available on Alpha Centuri right now. I suggest you go there before it's demolished, so we can make a formal complaint.
by Jonah Rowley March 5, 2005