A woman who loves to be fucked in all holes. A bitch who enjoys having sex in every position imaginable, usually with two or more partners.

See whore, slut.
DAMN!!! Your mom really is a dirty bitch. She just invited me over to an all-night gangbang with six other people.
by urban pervert February 26, 2003
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A female dog that hasn't been washed.
That dirty bitch is stinkin' up the whole house.
by evelynnnn October 22, 2005
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"No, I think I'd rather stay at the Marriott. At least there my money isn't going towards Paris' trust fund, like it is at The Dirty Bitch."
by JennBenn August 23, 2006
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this is the part of sex where the male and female become female stray dogs. they then will become lesbians and trot off into the sunset and bark at the mailman and trees
after we get married do you wanna do the dirty bitch ?
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also used as a nick name for methamphetamine
"yo you chillen with the dirty bitch"
"bring her over man I got cash"
by ExUsa September 7, 2009
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Someone who does not wash regularly, and possibly has many STD's. This is also known as Nolder and one should beware, BEWARE!

See also Nolda and whore.
That dirty bitch Nolder tried to do me in my spam purse, but I cut his dick off.
by Bitch February 27, 2004
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