Australian: something impressive, extraordinary or remarkable; a prime or unsurpassed example of something. Similar to a humdinger or a ripper.
That lie Barnaby Joyce told was a pearler.
by Venus of the dark February 18, 2018
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Pearler is a word that in Australian slang can be taken to mean good, or great.
"That was a Pearler of a shot!" -In games

"I had a pearler of a day."
by Talishia May 22, 2005
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pearler is a swansea word used by mainly teenagers aged 15-19 and usually refers to someone or something who's a twat/idiot/stupid/rebel.
-johhny just got his ass out to a teacher, what a pearler

-laurens skirts so short you can see her clunge, what a pearler

-that fat kid just asked if he could have a job in mcdonalds, what a pearler
by babycakes111 July 6, 2011
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A beauty, a winner.

Presumably one may exclaim this when an oyster is cracked open "shucked" to reveal a pearl within its manky outter shell. In the similar fashion "eureka" was yelled when someone found gold, so that everyone in the area knew where to run towards, most likely to shoot the proclaimer, and pinch the gold nugget.
Someone tells a joke. The crowd laughs. "that was a pearler" someone exclaims.
Someone gets a flat Tyre or puncture. The sidewall is absolutely fucked. "Oh thats a pearler there. buddy"
by savagemastery July 27, 2018
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This is a term used for a fuckin' hot bitch
That chick is a pearler

Her tities are pearler

What a pearler
by Peter January 13, 2004
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That knife you made is a fucking pearler mate.
by Hixy65 February 10, 2019
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Australian slang for "pearls (words) of wisdom"
Aw mate have you tried beer chicken?
Na what's that?
You stick a can of beer up the chooks arse before it goes on the Barbie tastes bloody lovely!
Dead set? Pearler mate ill give it a go then eh
by Way out west May 30, 2013
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