In Australia, a term generally describing what was or is expected to be a really good time
there's a party at the docks tonight- it's gonna be a ripper
by cult lord April 28, 2009
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A nasty female that lets anything wit a penis run up in her. Originally called a "runner" now also called a ripper. This word originated in Oakland, CA, USA and has now spread throughout the Bay Area.
She's a runner and a ripper......U guy's know the rest.
by The Sensei March 4, 2005
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Of Boston Origin. A social function, also known as a party. Usually involves Kegs, but that is optional.
Did you see those two strippers and that midget at Mattus' ripper last night?
by TK November 12, 2004
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Also known as a rip or runner, is a female whom is sexually undisciplined, a slut and of a whorish nature. Although the term was definitely popularized by San Francisco / Oakland Bay area, it truly originates from the term "rippin and runnin". Which older southern black folks use to describe wild or mischievous behavior, and or "runnin" the streets. Traditionally when a female is out "runnin" the streets she seen to be a woman of questionable virtue.
"Hey blood, I found this little ripper on myspace and got her to come over and boss a nigga up!"
by Dr. Kneebone November 4, 2007
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HUUUGE DIP (chew) its just a big ol' dipsky (chew)
hey you putting a ripper in dude?
by miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikeb November 9, 2011
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I was hanging with my boys and did a big ripper
by 5-poppin November 16, 2010
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