vagina. can also be used more broadly to describe girls in general - similar to gash. used a lot by jay from the inbetweeners.
"there's plenty more clunge in the sea"
by hargecarn May 30, 2009
Clunge= the blurt, the ham wallet, the spam purse, the gammon alley or if you prefer- the cod pouch.
(one may be heard yelling )
"Geeeeee us a swatch o yer clunge!!!"
by HamWallet April 7, 2006
Sl. Vulg. Female genitalia esp vagina.
I haven't been able to stop thinking about clunge all day long.
by Jasp August 5, 2003
That part of a woman between midriff and knees, in the vertical; and between the thighs, in the horizontal. The flange.
"Jesus, what a slapper," quoth Hubert. "Had I tried, methinks I could have got my whole head up her clunge!"
by percyhalfpig January 29, 2004
Vagina. Pussy. Gash.

1) Sweet Clunge
The object of most adolescent boys, and 40-year-old virgins desires, the sweet, innocent, hopefully legal vagina of a young girl, ready to be ploughed by a mans cock

2) Semi-Haggard Clunge
Pussy that has gone a bit ripe with age, but is still acceptable to fuck, usually belonging to a cougar.

3) Munt-Clunge
Very rare. The relatively fresh, but slightly rotted gash of a female corpse, ready to have the bodily fluids gushing out of it into a Munter's mouth. Best served ice-cold.
Man 1: I got some sweet clunge last night.
Man 2: Really? Where did you find her.
Man 1: At this guy's houseparty, she was in a little schoolgirls outfit, ready to be ploughed.
Man 2: Did you just get hard thinking about it?
Man 1: Man, that clunge was just soo sweet..

Barney: What we have here, my friend, is a Haggard Clunge.
Marshall: Ahhh shit, you can't fuck that cougar now..
Barney: No, wait, it's only semi-haggard, she has highlights and 2 inch nails! I'm goin' in.
Marshall: *tear in his eye* Godspeed, good fucker.

Billy: Wanna go to the graveyard tonight and get some ice-cold munt-clunge action?
Timmy: Nah, I lost my spade.
Billy: It's alright, it's my auntie's open grave!
Timmy: SWEET.
by manyperson August 11, 2009