A city in coastal Northern California that has the foggiest, coldest, most disappointing summers in all the United States. 68 degrees is considered a heat wave there.
Tourist: I've been here for a week in mid-July and it's only reached 58 degrees, and I haven't seen the sun once or got a clear view of the redwoods. I'm sick of this darned jacket! When is it ever nice here?
Resident # 1: Here in Eureka it's cold and foggy all summer long, but if you like the sun, drive 30 minutes inland, where it's a toasty 100 degrees.
Resident # 2: When it reaches 75 in Eureka, our older residents die of heatstroke.
by Boxcar Bob October 26, 2006
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an exclamation of pure happiness and joy at the result of a successful attempt or project.
Eureka! After many years of plotting and scheming, my plan to take over the world has finally succeeded!
by S.L. Preville November 30, 2009
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This word comes from the ancient greek and means "I find out".
Dude 1: I need some money, what can i do?
Dude 2: I don't know, look for a job.
Dude 1: Eureka! I can sell my car.
by Johnjod August 28, 2006
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A lame little town close to no potential at all. Has crazy hill billies, hobos, hippies & wanna be gangsta's. Claim to fame SASQUATCH, REDWOODS & WEED!
Random Eureka guy: Wanna buy some weed, dude?
Other guy: Na man, Im tryn to sell some myself, man.
Random Eureka guy: Damn man damn.
Other guy: Lets go to Arts Alive and smoke it up, man.
Random Eureka guy: Sure man, sure, lets go!
by Tobiume October 24, 2010
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County seat of Humboldt in northern California. It's nuclear plant and pulp mill gave it a smelly reputation.
All the good fast food is in Eureka
by Rayon the Robot April 09, 2006
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another word for bingo, or we have discoverd it.
two guys are driving trying to find a destination, two hours later eureka we found it.
by Bear-3 October 05, 2015
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