Pearl Jam are a fine example of an awesome band.

These 'awesome bands' are very endangered these days, especially since John Lennon died and Ke$ha started raping the charts.
Now, despite the Y2K bug and Justin Bieber, Pearl Jam are one of the best creations of the 90's as they eclectically combine grunge with heavy rock with soft accoustic guitars with the coolest voice possible.

The best of the best songs are:
Even Flow
Yellow Ledbetter
Just Breathe

Pearl Jam conquer about 90% of my iPod and have about 40 tribute bands, which is always good!
I hate Pearl Jam, but then again I'm an obese anti-christ homo who digs Nickelback.
How many people did I offend there...?
by choco-mango November 28, 2010
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1.A sticky white substance known as semen which is usually diposited pretty much anywhere on a womans body

2.also a great band of the 90's
uncle andy:i know your thinking well uncle andy if i cant spew in mr sock where does the pearl jam go, well im glad you asked there is alot of things we can use aroudn the house instead of a goo glove
by the king mauahha December 18, 2006
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the greatest fucking band in the whole world.... that's why i've got Ed Ved in my head.
Rachel's life goal is to have all the Pearl Jam concert bootlegs ever released.
by Rokinfreeworld December 30, 2003
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a. A rock group whose musical quality is far greater than their popularity

b. A rock group whose popularity would be greater if one of its members committed suicide a lá Kurt Cobain
That band is such a Pearl Jam: they're great, but nobody gives a shit.
by Duke Guillermo March 09, 2006
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90's grunge band that's as good as sex.
Bf: That was some good sex!
Gf: Was like listening to Pearl Jam! Mmmmm....
by IisNotHere August 08, 2009
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The Greatest Rock Band ever. A band who stays true to themselves and does not care about trends or album sales. Many bandwagon fans will tell you that their only good album was Ten and that everything else sucks. But true fans will love No Code and not care if it did not have any hits.
Stupid Bandwagon Fan: "Man I wish Pearl Jam would make another Ten again."

True Fan: "Fuck you, Ten was great, but they have made so much more better albums than that album."
by rockmusicman April 04, 2011
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