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If you came in here with a black light, you'd find pearl Jam residue coating most of the readily accessible surfaces.
by stfc April 7, 2018
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An utterance uttered when wanting to say something, but only used when the real word cannot be thought of.
Will, stop playing on that Mur Gurbo!

I'll Mur Gurbo your face if you don't shut up!
by stfc February 1, 2008
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When you pull a horses tail, and wait for a bell to ring.

Usually you find you're dissapointed.
That was a crap horsetailbelling session...

No bells whatsoever.
by stfc February 7, 2008
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When a fat person becomes confused.
Not to be confused with Flabcon, a state in which a convict becomes obese.
-What? This burger is free range? I don't get it!
-You've got Conflab!
by stfc February 3, 2008
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