PC has many definitions.
1. Pretty cute. An expression used by men or women to describe a person of the same or opposite sex that they find attractive.
2. Personal computer. This is the thing that you are reading this text on, I presume.
3. Political correctness. This is a type of modus operandi where the idea is not to offend anyone in speech i.e. not saying words such as "retard, nigger," or any other words that could be perceived as hateful.
4. Pre-calculus. This is an advanced high school and oftentimes required college class that introduces students to the world of calculus and its symbols and method of thought.
5. Can be the initials of a certain person, for example, Phoebe Conybeare or Phil Collins.
6. Pro-choice. This is a person's belief that it is a woman's right to have an abortion if she sees fit.
7. Player character. This is the avatar that a video gamer uses when playing an interactive video game.
1. Dude, that girl is PC.
2. Dude, check out my new PC.
3. Dude, you really need to work on your PC when you're in Detroit.
4. Dude, I need help with my PC homework.
5. Dude, did you check out PC in Journalism class today?
6. Dude, that girl is PC.
7. Dude, my PC could totally kick your PC's ass.
by Ninja guy August 03, 2007
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While in Asia, I tried to access my P C back home in San Diego, but couldn't, since I had forgotten to turn it on before I left.
by Bob Kirby March 23, 2008
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Politically Correct. A left wing plot, encouraged by the soft cock media, to ensure that people are persecuted if one calls a spade a spade. The idea is that no one's feelings are to be hurt and everyone is homogenous. You used to be able to say "Gee, you are a short cunt". Now you say nothing but if you really must say something, you must say "I am very sorry to notice that you are vertically challenged".
I hate being PC. I want to go back to the days when men were men and women were glad !

A fuckwit is a 'fuckwit'. A fuckwit is not an 'otherwise valuable and wonderful person which I have failed to ascertain the reasons for being unable to understand or enjoy the company of'.

by Busted Hyman July 09, 2006
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Standing for Politicaly Correct, as is not pissing off. tofu eating, sandal wearing, granola loving, born in Vermont, love the whales, hybrid driving, hemp upsessed, greenpeacers, by not saying what you think because to them you are wrong.
I believe that a car is only cool if it is classic, leaks, and eats gas, would not be P C.
by Honolulu Honey March 25, 2006
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