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Is the epitome of all things feminine and womanhood. Bibi means "mistress," "lady," "beloved," "wife," "queen," "lover" etc etc. Pretty sexy.
"She's my beautiful bibi..."
by nigeriannights May 24, 2009
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The word Bibi AKA Bibzi AKA Bibs comes from the Arabic word Habibi which means my love, the love of my life, my other half, the one who completes me, the one who makes my heart beat...
Bibi, i adore the ground you walk on!
You are my one and only Bibi!
I adore you Bibs!
Happy birthday, Bibi, happy birthday Bibi...
by Arpy Melkonian August 08, 2009
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the cutest little redhead that will always make u laugh. shes a savage, very outgoing. the biggest sweetheart you will ever meet but dont le that fool you cus she will steal your mans. her beauty is mesmerizing but underrated. usually has green eyes & a nice sexy body. shes connected to her spiritual side and has some demons in her closet. But, overall an angel. youre extremely lucky to have a bibi around.
every guy: bibis so fine dawg
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by 678567tropical May 06, 2019
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she's kind nice outgoing but under all that there may be another person.She can seem a savage but really she's a sweetheart.the name Bibi means "lady" or "mistress" so she can be stubborn at some time but she is elegant with beauty.Shes dramatic funny and kind.
Bibi is a lady
by DontTouchThis November 11, 2017
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incredibly sexy girl that boys like jack just can't get enough of
by Anonymous September 11, 2003
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A small chubby dog that can be used for about everything.
You smell like a bibi/ What the bibi/ Your looking like a bibi today
by Bibiologist April 17, 2016
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