Protective Custody. A section of a prison where prisoners who risk being assaulted by other inmates, due to snitching, gang affiliations, their crimes, etc. are isolated from the general population for their safety.
Shyne poppin' off his mouth from a cell
He don't want it with me, he in P.C. -- 50 Cent, Piggy Bank
by Antdizzle July 24, 2005
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Personal Computer. Despite its definition, PC's were originally computers with Intel processors. Most people think that PPC is synonymous with Windows, however, those people are idiot when it comes to computers. PC includes Windows, any variant of Linux (that is a lot of operating systems), BSD, Solaris, and all Unix-based operating systems. Macs are Unix based, so when people compare Macs to PCs, they are comparing the same thing. This is not because Macs are "Personal" (Windows is more common in workplaces now), but Macs match every other of today's definition of PC.
Mac users need to STFU. Macs are PCs, and Windows always have (can't say always will be) been better. The best PCs are not Windows, however.
by TheTrueComputerExpert February 08, 2012
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buy the domain for your cat vlog
The ultimate machine over powering the console peasants with 10x better. Specs and way better games
Bro Console is shit get a gaming pc
by Nobleadam1 December 17, 2018
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For me it means portable computer
But its real meaning is personal computer
Sure I'll bring my pc at your home and we can play some games
Want to come home and play games on my pc?
by AVPgrajera August 10, 2017
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Guy1: hey! what you doing for spring break
guy2: going to pc
Guy1: for real! i was going hit up Panama City too.
guy2:cool see ya there
by JAJAZI April 26, 2009
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