Pasted is the state of consciousness when an individual is so stoned that they are literally unable to move, finding themselves pasted to the couch or their attention pasted to some form of entertainment like a movie, or a long series of Youtube videos.
I was so pasted last night I watched all of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 4.
by Vicarelli December 2, 2009
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Very drunk, having come close to one's tolerance for alcohol and thus behaving in a rather uninhibited manner. Similar to and possibly a variation of "wasted".
Man, at the keg party last night, she got so pasted
by bikehorn6 October 11, 2005
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To solidly strike, injure, and/or defeat somebody or something.
Pretty much anyone who stands in front of a moving train is gonna get pasted real bad.
by Gutter Monkey April 23, 2006
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A girl/boy that is just butt ugly with no redeeming features. See also butters
wow man ant mcpartlan is just so pasted!
by W-UNIT October 4, 2003
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it means something that is light in colour
please go look on moriah elizabeths channel
example,i mixed white to purple to make it look pastely.
by btsarmyforeverandever August 15, 2020
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When toothpaste is applied to the nipples, often resulting in highs lasting an hour or so.
Student 1: "Hey did you do the homework last night?"
Student 2: "No man I tried pasting."
Student 1: "I heard about that! how was it???"
Student 2: "Amazing man...Amazing"
by themoreyouno May 7, 2012
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