1. People who you have had some kind of interaction with that have come and gone from the scope of being regularly in touch with or in touch with at all.

2. Persons who have briefly impacted you in some way and are no longer around.

3. Persons who have impacted you in a good way but are no longer around because they have continued on a path that is separate from yours. The split is usually on good terms, but you probably won't see or hear from these people again.
Megan finds contentment while remembering all of the passers by in her life.
by ryan y February 23, 2005
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A mixed African American who’s skin is light enough to be white.
You’re not white? You must be a passer.
by Viciousblossom May 22, 2019
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A person who passes off all their work to someone else. A lazy unproductive person.
Kelley is such a passer, she never has to do anything at work because she gives all her assignments to someone else.
by DE lightful April 23, 2013
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The act of farting as you're walking past someone who is in a seated position.
Man, I was embarrassed the other day. I was in a movie theater and gave this chick the passer by as I got up to walk to the bathroom.
by G-Reg Schuie May 17, 2010
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On a multi-lane highway, someone who wants to drive really fast, but is scared of the fast (inside) lane. So instead they pass you on the right, using the slow lane.
"Watch out honey, there's a chicken passer coming up on your right."
by bgnsg July 31, 2009
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like a paper pusher, but someone who works in an office who just passes along papers to a coworker without adding any real value.
Jennifer: Rick is worthless. All he does is pass the papers on to you without doing any real work or adding value.

Greg: Yeah, he's nothing but a paper passer.
by gferro October 15, 2009
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a person you work with and who could give you a lift to work or home as he/she drives there by car, but does not do it as he/she focuses so much on driving and the road that he/she does not see you standing on the sidewalk and waiting for a bus;

in fact he/she would not see you even if there was nothing around except for the bus stop and you;

sometimes it is done on purpose because the person simply does not give a damn about you standing there and waiting
Morgan: Hey man! What took you so long? The boss asked about you.
Jake: Damn buses and damn Jackson!
Morgan: What?
Jake: Yup, the bus broke down and the other one was to come in 20 minutes. I saw Jackson in his Taurus, I waved, but of course he pretended that he didn't see me. Sorry-ass passer-drive!
by KurtSteinerPL July 23, 2009
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