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to translate e.g. documents in large numbers for someone who clearly overuses his/her authority and position in the company by giving you things he/she could translate by himself/herself
Anita: Busy? What are you doing?
Tony: I've just learnt that my job is also to translate or I should say: translave. So I'm translaving this moron's presentation. It is so basic that he could do it by himself, but of course - he has his people to do it. I hate the fact that I can speak Spanish.
by KurtSteinerPL July 21, 2009
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a huge belly of a fat person when seen as he/she is in a horizontal position - filled with hamburgers and other fast food junk, the belly looks like a hill;
Jeremy: Look at this fatso there, lying under the tree! The guy must have eaten like tons of junk food.
Jim: Yeah, he looks like a hamburger hill from this perspective.
Jeremy: It's a one Goddamn hamburger hill!
by KurtSteinerPL August 9, 2011
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a design that is considered cool only because someone famous with the supposed authority called it "cool" and used it, but is in fact crappy, cheap, totally not cool, something that you will not use even for all the money in the world (comes from the word "design" and "scheisse" - a German word for "crap" or "shit");
Joe: Have you seen Jody's new aparment?
Phil: No. How does it look like?
Joe: If you ask me, it's a totall descheiss - I wonder where the hell were her eyes and brain when she was hiring that crazy designer and she was choosing this particular design, recommended by some spoilt celebrity with no taste.
Phil: Wow, it must be really crappy!
by KurtSteinerPL October 7, 2009
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a very tall building or any other structure or object that makes it impossible to see the sky as if it crapped the sky with its enormous size;
Jerry: How's the apartment?
Will: I didn't like it. It was big, but all the windows faced a huge building that stood so close that you could not see the sky. I had to open the window and look outside to actually see that there was something more than just this building.
Jerry: A skycrapper.
Will: You bet it was!
by KurtSteinerPL November 8, 2011
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from "erudition" and "eroticism" - a very broad knowledge and skills concerning sex, sexuality etc., which makes one a perfect lover
Jenna: Last weekend I went to a bar and picked up a guy - a nice guy type - good-looking, smart etc. But he was terrible in bed, trust me. He lacked erodition like hell.
Sara: That sucks.
by KurtSteinerPL January 13, 2012
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a person who has a bad influence on you - it is like a cartoon devil sitting on your shoulder and making you commit sin, crime etc. - from Mephistopheles - the demon in the Faust legend
Frank: What happened to Jeremy? He used to be such a good student and all.
Susan: Well, he started hanging out with this new boy, Jason, a real Mephistofella, that dragged him into cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.
by KurtSteinerPL July 24, 2009
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a message that causes a lot of mess, e.g. bad news, unpleasant surprise
Tom: Any messages from J.D.?
Frank: Yeah, one messyge only.
Tom: Messyge?
Frank: Yeah, we're goint to face a lot of trouble, man.
by KurtSteinerPL February 23, 2014
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