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as in "farting about": A series a needless/inane tasks which are undertaken by the 'parper' prior to going to the pub/cinema/airport etc... such as reorganising the location of house keys, tobacco, lighter in ones bag/pockets for no real reason, checking each room in the house for no reason, indesision of which scarf/hat to wear, whether to take a hat/scarf or not, and which bag to put them in, if taken. Which ultimately results in missing the 1st 15 minutes of the film, missing the flight etc... (it's a chick thing!)
Dave: "c'mon Olive, the films starts in 10 minutes"
Olive: "I'm coming, two minutes"
Dave: "c'mon Olive, the films starts in 5 minutes"
Olive: "I'm coming, one minute"
Dave: "c'mon Olive, the films starting"
Olive: "We're going to miss the start!"
Dave: "well if you didn't spend so much time parping around we'd have got there on time"
by hawkwind dave December 05, 2005
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Pressing as lightly as physically possible upon the horn of a car in order to politely induce a sense of urgency upon the Prius in front of you while simultaneously not appearing to be too much of a raging asshole.
I heard someone parping behind me and since it was so polite I was inclined to accelerate my Prius forward.
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