To 'toot', 'fart' or 'break wind'
"Oi mazz i just did a massive PARP, it smells like rotten eggs'
by pingu lover April 03, 2009
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1. The sound theoretically made by the discharge of either a P-38 pistol or a P-08 Luger into the back of a kneeling victim's head.

2. The act of parping. This involves an elaborate and thoroughly unnecessary process that starts with the parper demanding in a high-pitched Prussian accent that the parpee kneel. The would-be executioner then gives a contemptuous snort and removes his pistol, cocks it with another contemptuous snort, twirls the pistol like a cowboy, before bringing the weapon to bear on the victim's head via a windmill type motion. The deed being done, the parper will give yet another snort of contempt, twirl the pistol up to his nose, inhale the smoke, and then cock the pistol again, ejecting a perfectly serviceable round before returning the weapon to his holster with one final contemptuous snort. It must be noted that this process must be repeated for each victim. Typically those who carry out these executions are members of the SS.
1. A loud "parp" let all in earshot know that Obersturmbannfuehrer von Kleist was once again violating the Geneva Convention.

2. Caught up in the act of parping as he was, Obersturmbannfuehrer von Kleist was oblivious to the reality that his position was about to be overrun by advancing Allied forces bent on crushing Nazi resistance.
by Greg the Angry Pole January 20, 2009
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the pitiful sound a car horn makes whilst in an attempt to sound like a REAL car horn (the mcraes car) and/or the sound protruding from the horn on the clown's car in my favourite little picture book
PARP/toot/beep and the list just goes on and on....
by LW December 09, 2004
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The noise that a real wordrasper/word (fart) makes!

Opps, excuse me - hehehe LOL XBOX LOL !!!!
by the DustRoom February 21, 2003
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