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Olive is the most wonderful person ever. Olive is a girl with amazing hair, a lovely face and a clever brain. She has an amazing personality and if you ever meet someone who is brilliant enough to be an Olive, you should worship them
"oh my god that girl is so amazing she must be an Olive!"
by Lilly clark July 07, 2012
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another way to say you love someone without having to say love.
Olive Christine. I love Christine.

Olive you. I love you. You get the point.
by Katie Becker October 17, 2006
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Olive is a interesting person. She probably is in theatre arts, and will not allow you to make her friend cry, unless you want to be yelled at with her epic theatre voice. She probably has a pretty bad grades, but is extremely intelligent nonetheless. She crushes easily, and if she meets you.. She probably likes you. You may think she's being annoying, but it's just flirting. She is sort of a nerd, and loves DnD and roleplaying. She's a feisty one, so I warn you again, DON'T cross her. She is a Sytherin through and through, and takes pride in it. She is exactly the type of person who will sing musicals at the top of her lungs in a crowded restaurant or at the park just to embarrass her friends.

Smarts: 8/10

Kindness: 7/10

Charisma: 7/10
"Hey Olive, quit being annoying."
"I'm not, I'm just flirting with you!"
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by OliveIsStrange November 15, 2019
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The best person ever. Smart, beautiful, creative, artistic, and SEXY! If your name is Olive then you have an awesome personality and no boy can resist u. Girls named Olive are nice, sweet, kind, gentle, and loving.

It's Olive NOT Olivia.
"Wow, did u see that girl?"
"Yeah, she's so hot."
"Yeah, I bet her name is Olive"
by a legit person August 06, 2012
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Olive , a girl who is shy and humble. She is cute, kind and intelligent , but when you get you know the Olives of the world you realize they’re a bit naughty . Always have high fashion and eyes that draw you in from the first glance. The Olives connect their feelings through music and are emotionally unstable, so treat them gently.
Olive is so cute!
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by Yeetusthefeetuspapi October 30, 2018
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A skin color somewhere between yellow and brown (italian, greek ect.)
Do olive people count as white people???
by Reggaetonist October 26, 2004
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