A person with descendants/from of the region/kingdom/state of Prussia. Prussia is located in Central Europe and extends from the south-eastern coast of the Baltic Sea to the Masurian Lake District. It is currently now divided into the countries of Poland, Russia, and Lithuania. The former German state of Prussia took its name from this region.
Baron Friedrich von Steuben was a Prussian soldier who trained American soldiers in the Revolutionary War.
by Ilhana December 25, 2007
A Germanized Pole.
Those Prussians look like Polacks but speak German
by Random777Hero November 24, 2010
The process of 5 or 6 guys masturbating and ejaculating into a cup then gently swirling the cup and artificially inseminating a participating female. After 21 years has passed the child and everyone of the male participants will undergo a paternity test to determine who is the father.
Zachary looks really happy.
Yeah he just found out he won Prussian roulette
by big. daddy September 7, 2014
When you wank to the pace of a march, such as Preussens Gloria, with precise and measured strokes. You may only fire once your officer orders you to.
I just had a prussian wank to Königgrätzer Marsch with the rest of the Aspergers' Group!
by April 10, 2020
the 🅱️russian overlord of instargram, chairman of the nepalese communist party, sends him enemies to plant potatoes in the himalayas.
a: your mom gay
b: prussian doge
(a dies)
long live the 🅱️russian doge
by kim_samsung December 15, 2020
When Russia invades the German Empire during world war two, but they get pushed back, and Vladimir (John) Lenin decided to start a revolution backed by the Germans
General: How is the invasion going?
Soldiers: Sir, the prussian winter is pushing us back
by ♥🗺☠ May 22, 2021
After the act of felching, the fluid is snowballed into the mouth of your partner.
Lance told me that Micah tried to give him a prussian birdcall last night after a solid hour of ass-olympics!
by turd fergason January 18, 2006