No chance I'm gonna give a definition.. What if someone's watching? :o

/me dons ninja mask
I must be paranoid, I keep looking over my back for th.. AAAAHHHH!!!!!!
by EmSixTeen August 7, 2004
Believing that everyone is out to get you.
Although it is true that everyone IS out to get you, such as the government and stalkers.
by AYB April 1, 2003
You feel everyone is watching you and constantly passing judgment on you because you make the same mistakes anyone else does, but its somehow different with you because youre just the tiniest bit wierd, and you think everyone knows about you and talks about you and knows you know just because they feed off of your that retard dude in the SUV who is looking as you walk down the street at you wierd because its fun to see you get other words, youre really paranoid and you dont know it, and so you act wierd, which makes everyone notice you. Sucks.
1st dude: Hello(*as you pass by*)

You:...Hi(*you tense up, you know that sonofabitch is gonna call the cops on your sorry ass, you paranoia freak*)
by McMadman September 1, 2008
Pretending to wash your hands when nobody else is even in the men's room.
by auaiomrn April 1, 2003
Somewhat common personality disorder. Symptoms include not trusting people, holding grudges with ease, and taking jokes much too seriously.
Pros: No one can get you! Muahaha!
Cons: Hard to talk to people without you thinking they're gonna get you.
That guy over there keeps looking over his shoulder. He obviously suffers from paranoia.
by Armthehobos May 23, 2007
A disease that afflicts me and made me think for 3 years of my life that my left leg was longer than my right leg. Every time my phone rings I think it is the FBI. And every time my doorbell rings I think it is a giant purple dinosaurs that eats children.
Person: "William, why are you in the fetal position under your bed?"
Me: "Paranoia."
by William Stephens May 15, 2006
When you do something naughty about 1-7 meters away from a teacher, depending on the circumstance, and you have no idea if they saw/heard you. It’s like paranoid schizophrenia on crack. You want to turn around and see if they saw. But you can’t. You're just stuck there, frozen. Your mates are telling you "sir is behind you!" and you’re just thinking about the punishment from this. You think about all your life choices leading up to this very situation. Then your heart sinks and you feel butterflies. Nearly fainting, you awkwardly, anonymously walk away slowly. He didn’t see you. You know he didn’t. But we do this anyway.
Jamal: fuck

Jimmy: bro miss yeet is behind you

Jamal: *extreme paranoia*

Jimmy: bro he's a gonner. Hes got paranoia. No coming from that now.

Can we get an F in the chat for Jamal there.
by i out pizza'd the hut November 4, 2020