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Pretending to wash your hands when nobody else is even in the men's room.
by auaiomrn April 1, 2003
Someone who mistakes cynicism for intelligence.

The cynillectual has a desire to feel intelligent. For them, complaining about everything achieves this. They believe their disapproval is a sign of their sophisticated tastes; in reality it is a result of their inability to distinguish between critical evaluation and general bellyaching.
A cynillectual's opinion usually boils down to "I am smart and you are stupid".
by auaiomrn October 13, 2010
The Art of the Dishonorable Fist is an ancient martial art that specializes in busting balls, trashing testes, squashing scrotum, and knocking nuts.

Monkey Steals the Peach is one of its most well known techniques.
Famous masters of the Dishonorable Fist include Jules Stryker, Thaddeus Lowblow, Hamad de Balzac, and Joe Chambeau.
by auaiomrn August 16, 2011
Real life definition:

Refuse to take notice of or acknowledge

Definition for internet forums:

Something people will claim to do with the actual intent of NOT ignoring anyone; they just want to leave a conversation but want an excuse as to why they've stopped responding. However they never actually ignore the person because they still want to see what he or she is saying about them.
mathguy44: Actually "1.999..." is exactly 2. When you get to high school you'll learn this.

awsomeguy69: sorry but your just stupid. welcome to my ignore list looser
by auaiomrn April 24, 2011