A name for the lost that makes the invisble reappear. an attention getter
paprika?paprika? damn! no parika!
by sydnie December 19, 2004
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a complete and utter prick. there is none other more prickular on the face of the planet. Comprendez?
"Alan stole his cousin's car and got pulled over drunk whilst delivering four stolen tellys to his mate's gaff, like a complete paprika."
by David Cowpell Downtrodden March 26, 2004
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either something rilly tasty or something incredibly gay... depends on the context
That's paprika! :D vs.... That's paprika! >:O(
by beenie February 01, 2005
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Then a male cums in his partners eyes
Derik:“The paprika had her screaming”
Iowana: “Chill”
via giphy
by pussyfootin666 March 28, 2018
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the catfish guy who likes to use the term "hmph" and go SDfsadtysutiryudrthsdhtrjsti7
by it not hebbe its yannis totaly October 17, 2020
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