Taehyung showing his appreciation to bell peppers
Hobi: look what i got taehyung!
Taehyung: Yo Niceu Paprika!
by SHUPSHUPFACEU May 22, 2021
Barbi punjena paprika is balkan fake celebrity her 6-8 years old fans are called barbigovnator
Girl 1: who is your idol?
Girl 2: Barbi Afrika🥰
Girl 1: your idol is Barbi punjena paprika🤢🤮 who doesnt hate her she is a plastic doll threw in trash
by Anonymous1410123 January 27, 2021
The Paprika Heaven is the heaven of the Paprika religion.
Be good boys kids if you want to visit the Paprika Heaven after your life!
by Paprika?! March 3, 2019
When you sprinkle paprika on your dick to spice up the sex
Garret’s bout to shove his paprika dick in to make it spicy!”
by JosieDirt July 20, 2021
the catfish guy who likes to use the term "hmph" and go SDfsadtysutiryudrthsdhtrjsti7
by it not hebbe its yannis totaly October 18, 2020
A man who knows everything about Paprikas. The only one who can see the Real Paprika and the one who can lead us to the Paprika Heaven.
The Paprika Master knows everything about Paprikas
by Paprika?! March 3, 2019
The Paprika religion is a religion for people who believes in the Real Paprika. The creator of this religion was the Paprika Master who leads the people to the Paprika Heaven.
The Paprika religion is fine one.
by Paprika?! March 3, 2019