to add an element of excitement into a situation
when I was getting dressed this morning, I decided to spice things up a bit.
by Sealy Sikes February 17, 2019
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To be coated twice with bullcrap by Sean Spicer.
He did manage to spice up Trump's impeachment...apparently Trump hated Speaker Pelosi so much that it was his OWN decision to be was a trust issue, not a legal one...nothing was wrong about building the border wall 2 inches south of the border...maybe he accidentally included his penis when measuring where the wall should go...
by cathedram-mihi-regula-mihi February 26, 2017
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to make something look way better than it actually does
damn. i told him to spice up his taurus. now that piece of shit looks like a benz.
by banginonfools October 30, 2009
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A word used by the NHK that means to completely exaggerate something to the extent that it doesnt make sense anymore.
Spiced up- someone saying they can dunk but actually they can only touch rim.
by Nic p on u June 13, 2018
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I'm so spiced up on that killer bud we just smoked!
by BooBoo2268 June 6, 2016
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instead of saying smoke up when you smoke weed
its when u smoke pep spice
-hey im about to spice up, u wanna come?
-hell yeah!
by Zaccc pppp August 2, 2010
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