A short handsome looking boy he’s smart funny and very hard to get over once you’ve got him in your life.hes a lovable boy and everyone wants to be around he is know for being such a kind and fun person.
Girl:Who is the boy?Hes cute Boy:that’s lovell
by Skinny643 May 9, 2019
A cool scooter kid with crazy hair easy to fall in love with
Omg look at Lovell he so col
by Jimmyjeff January 8, 2019
A Lovelle is a chick with a very unique name. She thinks she is ugly, but to be honest she is very pretty. She is the sweetest person you will ever meet, but if you get on her nervous she could kill you in your sleep. She is that person who doesn't care what other people think and if you ask her out she would probably say no unless it is Thor. So, if you ever meet Lovelle you are very lucky.p
Guy:" did you ask Lovelle out?"

Guy:" no she declined me like, Again!"
by Tasiavoo June 7, 2018
Getting totally shitfaced,ripping sinks off of bathroom walls, falling on piss soaked floors with chicken wings flying everywhere.
by klobb January 30, 2009
To love someone so much and not know of any higher words.
Brenna, i lovel you.
by RandyBurl March 28, 2010
How could I forget to mention the Queensland accent? rofl another Lovellism is 'cuya'(see you)said very quickly in a deep tone.
Lovell 'I'm going to the canteen, cuya'
by the son of just some fegget December 19, 2003