An herb that goes r8 nice with casserole.
Jerry has too much thyme on his hands. But like da herb thyme.
by lycent November 13, 2007
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A feisty specimen that should not be woken before noon. Other times of day she is very pleasant, however when in close contact with a girl of this name expect constant sarcasm and distraction by miscellaneous objects! Extremely intelligent especially in math.
have you seen thyme??? don't go in there!! i tried wake her up and it's not pretty!!
by fezic June 8, 2010
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An awesome way to describe an any girl with snakebite piercings.
by duey d.s. December 27, 2010
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Thyme is a evil goblin that lives deep in the woods with mushrooms as their only friend. They like moss, mushooms, bones, bones, a little more bones, moss, mushrooms, sprinkle a little more mushrooms, and herbs.

They are often short and ill tempered, kinda like dwarf. If you are a homophobe, transphobe, racist or anything liketh, be ready because they will make sure all hell breaks lose and torture you slowly you piece of shit. : )
Example one:
Albin: Hey Tuva, whats that thing in the forest?
Tuva: Oh, it's just a thyme, dont be a dick and you will be fine asshole.

Example 2:
Enkhjin: Is that a living flipping mushroom?
Ella: Oh no, either you are delusional or its a thyme. could be a combination not gonna lie.
by Ofcoursenotagoblinthymewdym March 24, 2021
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1. the most amazing person you will ever meet in your life. She is extremely eccentric, intelligent, beautiful, creative, talented, seductive, intuitive, funny, and horny (but not a nympho). Probably a dirty hippy/hippy pagan, but what else would you expect with a name like that. Hates yuppies with a fiery passion. Goddess of the Saxophone et le francais. If you're not friends with her, your life probably sucks, because when you're with her, it's Summer Thyme all the time.

2. a euphemism for sex
How was your day, man?

Totally mad rad, dude, I met this awesome girl named Summer Thyme!

Oh yeah, that crazy hippy. She's cool.

hey, Charles, you gettin' your Summer Thyme?

She wishes!

It's Summer Thyme all the time, bitches.
by scrippy_deebs.sax October 20, 2009
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the bitter substance that visits the back of the throat when belching or puking.......
urrrrppp! let me get some water mate, its' chyme thyme!
by michael foolsley November 24, 2009
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