31 definitions by annon.

short for Dar Williams, a folk singer. When used this way it is a compliment.
I saw Dar at the concert last week.
by annon. February 8, 2004
you're sitting on your arse in front of the computer alone aren't you,you fucking narbo?
by annon. March 4, 2004
(n)a bastardization of children. it means the same thing, though is not used in a derogitory fasion (they're just children), mostly in a way similar to "homey," only with older to younger rather than equal to equal. it is good to be a group of chidren.
ok chidren, its time to eat
by annon. January 18, 2004
wsogmm, the sum of ways of looking at all the universes. Everything, if it exists, it is part if it. if it doesn't exist, it is part of it.
we live in the Whole Sort of General Mish Mash.
by annon. February 9, 2004
1. to insert the male member (penis) into the mouth in order to derive sexual pleasure.
2. the sucking or licking of the female genitalia (vagina) in order to derive sexual plaesure
i would be enchanted if you performed oral copulation on me
by annon. January 22, 2004
a random group of letters infront of the the -izzle suffix. it doesn't mean anything yet, but it could soon.
limbizzle, yo!
by annon. January 23, 2004
suffix meaning something the root said. only used with names of people or groups of people.
Bushism and
Lenoism and
Bostonianism and
by annon. February 8, 2004