A person who is being uptight and stiff. Not knowing how to relax oneself.
Stop being a pantsuit, you're stressing me out!
by Eastondle February 27, 2012
A sexy corporate woman and ambitious go-getter. Often passive aggressive rather than confrontational, she supports her man allowing him to spend more time on his art, music or writing.

She is likely to wear thongs beneath her pantsuits and keeps an uxorious British man in tow.

A bright, curvy beezy who works hard. Sexy at 21, 30, 45 and into her 60s. Primed to be a MILF then a GILF and always rock a pantsuit. Usually to be found in a great city like Seattle, Van, Fort Worth or London.
Sam: What's Katherine up to this summer? Noodling around in Van till school starts again?

Trevor: Are you kidding? She's carrying out a 3 month internship with an NGO in the slums of Kenya.

Sam: Man she'll make a fine pantsuit one day. How's your still life course going Trevor?

Miss Ryder vented her stress into rubbing at her eyebrows, but maintained an 80 average in her double-major.
by KeptMan June 20, 2014
The excruciating death of spirit that occurs when a bright and industrious individual must interact with government bureaucrats in order to fulfill an administrative requirement. The termination of goodwill and optimism that occurs when a capable individual must, by necessity, work with administrative bureaucrats.
The expression derives from the word pantsuit, which is the uniform most commonly worn by the mid-level administrators that maintain bureaucracies.
I had to take the mandatory diversity-awareness course this morning; it was total pantsuit death.
by frankshoe April 28, 2009
A feminist cougar who freaks out whenever things don't go her way.
That hysterical pantsuit, Hillary should have just said her cat fell asleep on the delete key when her email was open.
by Contributor_Random November 17, 2016