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Adj: Shape of a woman's breast resembling that of the letter J. Long, sloping and curves outward away from the body.
That girl had a set of J-tits that were borderline tribal. I mean I could hang a coat on those things.
by Eastondle January 29, 2012
an adjective used to describe a woman or a girl's breasts. The breasts are shaped in a elongated curve resembling that of a ski slope. Very uncommon and very undesirable to many.
That girl at the bar last night had a nasty set of ski slopes - I mean seriously, they should be registered for the winter olympics.
by Eastondle September 23, 2009
A person who is being uptight and stiff. Not knowing how to relax oneself.
Stop being a pantsuit, you're stressing me out!
by Eastondle February 27, 2012
Abbrev. for "F**k your mouth good" when describing something you just ate or have eaten.
I just had this juicy steak at the new steakhouse - it was beyond amazing, it was F.Y.M.G.!
by Eastondle November 23, 2011
When your stomach is completely empty only to be filled with gas - that out of nowhere wooof that stings your eyes and burns your nose hairs. A hollow empty fart reeking of remains from meals prior.
Seriously, man you need to get yourself checked out, that cavity fart was pure death!
by Eastondle September 23, 2009
When someone, mainly a guy, is in tune with current affairs, style trends, fashion and his feelings but isn't quite considered a full fledged metro-sexual.
Even though Ryan Seacrest may not admit he's metrosexual, he's full on metrosensual.
by Eastondle June 24, 2010
A person who will use acronyms and language generally found in forum posts.
Did you see that car, FTL! That was such an epic fail! Dude, don't talk forum to me.
by Eastondle January 25, 2010