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An overwhelming display of information and data with limited insightful analysis. A presentation with excessive amounts of pure data that is not accompanied with straightforward conclusions and has not undergone rigorous processing.
General McChrystal's Powerpoint presentation was a datalanche. For an hour he showed us numbers and charts, but in the end there was no meaningful message or purpose.
by frankshoe May 26, 2010
A person of European nationality distinguished by a rather boring disposition and bland personality. A European without any exceptional qualities or remarkable attributes; an individual that generally matches a national stereotype and offers little ideologically or intellectually beyond the norm.
Euroburrido is a portmanteau of the words Europe and Aburrido, which is the Spanish word for boring.
I went to a dinner at the German embassy and I endured 3 hours of euroburridos complaining about American food.
by frankshoe February 26, 2009
The excruciating death of spirit that occurs when a bright and industrious individual must interact with government bureaucrats in order to fulfill an administrative requirement. The termination of goodwill and optimism that occurs when a capable individual must, by necessity, work with administrative bureaucrats.
The expression derives from the word pantsuit, which is the uniform most commonly worn by the mid-level administrators that maintain bureaucracies.
I had to take the mandatory diversity-awareness course this morning; it was total pantsuit death.
by frankshoe April 28, 2009