A word describing someone who is especially tight with money. He will never, for example, buy you a drink first, and when he buys you one back he will only buy you one of equal or less value.
Matt: I was 50p short for a drink, and Steve wouldn't give it to me
Phil: What a butler
by potatopotato July 19, 2010
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A man who looks after all the needs of your very own manservant. Or someone who lives up someone elses Arsehole.
"I haven't seen much of Paul since he became Andrew's butler!"
by BistoYeti June 1, 2011
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A cocktail which consists of Belvidere Vodka (taken from Mr. Belvidere the tv show) and Tonic. Usually served on the rocks.
Bartender: What can I get for you?
Customer: Yes, I'll take a Butler on the rocks.
by Derricknupe April 28, 2007
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the most amazing guy ever, he's really good looking and has a bunch of friends. he's super nice and caring. he's the absolute best!
"Wow, you know Butler?"
"Doesn't everybody?!"
by whee(: May 1, 2010
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A unit of measure indicating the amount of Cannabis required for one joint - a "spliffs-worth". Which is a term not unlike the name of a butler.

The phrase originated in Bristol in the U.K. and has now penetrated the vocabulary of much of the U.K.'s Cannabis-smoking population. There are some reports indicating the term may be being used in the U.S.A.
"Excuse mate, any chance of getting a butler off you?"
Q"How much weed have you got left?"
A"A couple of Butlers"
by No i'm the real Brian February 22, 2010
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Butler University is a small, private university located in Indianapolis, IN. Somewhat highly selective and has a very good reputation around Indiana. Great pharmacy program. Overall, pretty decent school.
by Jorge Martinez-Fredle January 1, 2012
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One of the most special suburbs in all of Perth. A place where if you don't get hit by one of the many hoons, you'll be bashed by the year 7 eshays who are offended by your mere presence.
Once started to accommodate families looking for a nice little house to live in, has since been turned into 'OI LAD's paradise. Butler is among the CRAB group (Clarkson, Ridgewood, Alkimos & Butler Gang). There is a 400% chance you'll come across one of their infamous tags on a pine tree in the park or near the wonderful high school.
If you're lucky enough, you can move close to the train station and the wonderful Butler hub... 7/11. If you visit at the right time (which is usually any time), you can easily find one of the special eshays, and there is a high chance they'll abuse the shit out of you. If you're super lucky, they might spit on you.
Aayden: 'Bruva, look somebody's tagged the tree with CRABS'
Diesel: 'Probably a fucking Butler eshay'
Aayden: 'A what?'
Diesel: *relieves painful WWII-like memories of the suburb*
by Your Local Perth Guide August 19, 2020
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