A terrorist who has died, but in debatable circumstances. Some sources say he died in a freak cellphone accident (taking the Verison Wireless spokesman with him in the process), while some other sources say he died in a suicide bombing (that went off in four seconds instead of his intended 30 minutes), while even other sources say he was shot by U.S. Military soldiers at checkpoint B in Iraq.

Unlike most modern terrorists, he was born in China, not the Middle East, and has apparently no religious denomination.

He has somehow been reanimated by Jeff Dunham for use in his ventriloquist routine where he has preformed some of the greatest Christmas carols of all time - Such as: SILENCE! Night, Bin Laden is Coming to Town, Oh Holy Crap, and Jingle Bombs.
by Blarg Fetus Spleen June 10, 2008
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defining any middle eastern man in which u dont know his name

American Man: "Achmed! come feed the camal!"
Middle eastern man: "my names not achmed!, its dirka"
by josediaz October 30, 2005
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funny dead terrorist who makes fun of muslims, jews, terrorists and anything else to do with the middle east
Achmed the dead terrorist: I KILL YOU!!!
by Nss191489 June 10, 2008
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A funny show on YouTube and some American TV channel created by Jeff Dunham
"Hey, watch this video."
"What is it?"
"It's Achmed the dead terrorist."
"Oh I've seen that, dude. It's so fuckny!"
by Kamikaze Watermelon January 12, 2009
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