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someone very pathetic and wimpy, generally used as an insult against both sexes. often confused with fag, sissyand other rather small-minded terms for a homosexual man.
"wow. you won't touch already-chewed gum, even if YOU chewed it? what a friggin pansy!"
by doesthatmakemecrazy? October 30, 2006
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One who lacks courage, One who backs down from a challenge.
To this day the largest coward (pansy, wuss, craven, chicken, and wimp all apply here and more) on the face of the planet is Morris, The yellow bastard.
by Chicago_fan September 15, 2011
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(n) a plant of the genera Achimenes or Viola possesssing a distinctive purple tint and demeanor; (n) one who lacks the appropiate masculinity associated with testosterone and like the pansy displays a shade of purple and a flower like demeanor but is however a fruit
When we forced him to play football, the Pansy cried, "Ewwww disgusting meathead game."
by riz December 22, 2003
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girly and sissy-like
peter, you're scared to touch a worm?? you are such a pansy!
by setari parsa April 22, 2004
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A person who acts sissy-like and is not manly enough. Mostly a sissy man.
Life isn't a garden Corey, Don't be a pansy!
by Brian-Jackson April 12, 2007
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