The area of the world where Donald Trump thinks "they took our jerbs."
Trump keeps confusing East Asia with Indo-pacific because he can't remember the names of the countries he has gone to visit.
by Zombie Assassin November 11, 2017
The best musical set in Japan that also happens to be written by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine, two white guys. Telling the story of Commodore Matthew Calrage Perrys 1853 expedition to un-Tokugawa Japan, the show is told from the perspective of Japan with the original production (and many others) taking direct inspiration from the Japanese art of Kabuki theatre. According to Sondheim, his favorite piece written by him is "Someone In A Tree" from Pacific Overtures. A true masterpiece of music.
Pacific Overtures Fan: Hey, are you familiar with Pacific Overtures?
Theatre Person: No, I hate that show.
Pacific Overtures Fan: Okay, I want to scream at you right now and kill you with the tree from Someone In A Tree but I won't because I know that I am the singular fan of Pacific Overtures, have a good day.
by FinishingTheHat July 22, 2021
A cabin for three people but only two sleeping at night so the third person and the second person has to have 4 hours of sleep.
I didn't get enough sleep because of the Indian Pacific Gold Twin Cabin.
by Officeworks July 25, 2022
The emptiness and lull in activity experienced by extreme internet-junkies and gamers during the early morning hours after everyone else has either gone to bed or is getting up to go to work, so named because this is when servers typically shut down for scheduled maintenance. This term transcends the local lull in activity experienced by people who stay up all night partying, having the distinction that no matter where you are in the world or what schedule you keep, and no matter how many different time zones the people you interact with are in, if you are on an English-speaking website you're probably going to experience a noticeable drop in activity around those hours.
Oh man, where'd everybody go? Just a moment ago I was having amazing conversations in like 15 different browser tabs and now nobody is saying anything! Must be 5am Pacific Time.
by ethacetin November 16, 2014
Where you eat ass in Hawaii
Bro I gave her the Pacific Rim last night, she was wet as fucc
by Mikoyan_Tea March 14, 2022
A rimjob where the recipient has a pineapple ring over their asshole. Invented in Canada.
To get over the smell, he gave Moana a Pacific Rim.
by DGZeee January 7, 2021
When one mixes Jagermeister and Monster Energy drink you have created a Pacific rim
We ran out of Redbull at the party but we still had a Jager so we made Pacific Rim
by April 4, 2018