A great big rolling disaster. Union Pacific (UP) is a railroad whom buys greater railroads just to piss off railfans. UP has many Ex. SP units with a UPatch over the SP logo and Number.
Union Pacific is a great big rolling disaster
by WhiteDragon69 July 14, 2010
Union Pacific is an awesome railroad. It is the only class one railroad in the United States with an active steam program. The railroad owns and operates a northern and a challenger type steam locomotive. Union Pacific helped Central Pacific to build the transcontinental railroad across the United States.
I wish I could railfan the Union Pacific line.
by TorvFan March 15, 2011
To ejaculate deeply in to your partner’s throat so that the sperm goes up into the nasal sinus. Then, pull out and finish with a shot right into her nostril. The cum meets in the middle.
To celebrate our cross country road trip, I gave my girl a Union Pacific.
by DailyPlanet August 17, 2020
Another genuine shit-show of a railroad that has the largest foamer population in the U.S and cucks other railroad so then they can add them to their collection of useless Heritage units like 1995 the definition of useless piece of shit
Union Pacific: Oh look is southern pacific a perfectly good railroad let’s cuck them and buy them out ~ “CEO of UP”
by June 11, 2021
The Union Pacific Big Boy is a type of simple articulated 4-8-8-4 steam locomotive manufactured by the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) between 1941 and 1944 and operated by the Union Pacific Railroad in revenue service until 1959.
The Union Pacific Big Boy is the largest and historical locomotive in the world.
by AlphaRailfan April 12, 2021
There is nothing wrong with the unit it's just one of her Foamers are very inconsiderate.
Union Pacific 7312 has a little dorky fan base. Goat
by Northtexasrailproductions lol January 24, 2021
A small, private liberal arts college in the Napa Valley with around 1,500 students. Known for its 100% acceptance rate into Loma Linda University, and its prestigious reputation in academics, leading to its high rankings by U.S. News and World Report.

The students here are generally very motivated, and the ladies are very attractive. A high percentage of girls here are sluts who can be banged quite easily. There are lots of asians, latinos and whites. Not so many blacks.
I met this girl in at the bar, she was really hot, but wouldn't say much. After we finally got talking, we went and had the night of our lives! She went to Pacific Union College.
by dondondondon July 27, 2011