A yellow pizza missing one slice. He apparently has no eyes, lives in the 2nd dimension, has a wife that wears lipstick and a bow, and has a child that wears a beanie. He eats pellets and runs from ghosts. On lucky days, he eats pellets that enable him to devour those same ghosts. Occasionally, he eats fruits...or pretzels.
"I just got up to the banana, on Pac-man."
by izalex August 22, 2003
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Someone who enjoys large quanities of over the counter pills.
Charlie is a pac-man, he eats vicodin like candy.
by sable m November 10, 2005
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A general of an awesome army of another time
This way dammit!
by Adrian Salazar June 1, 2005
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A retro 1980's video game where a pizza missing one slice stars. On a 2D maze like arena you go around eating dots. Once all of them are eaten, you pass the level and go on to the next.
Jeff: Hey man, wanna play pac-man?
Lamer: No d00d pac-man is g@y play n00 stuff l1k3 U72 d00d.
by [tEG] December 22, 2003
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a game in which a little man runs away from ghosts munching magic pills while repetitive music plays.
the video game

"Dawg, that pac-man game is the shizzle!"
by K. Ho June 9, 2006
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One who loves to munch on vagina
Flip is such a pac-man
by TK March 25, 2005
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the act of sticking your whole head in a girl's vaginal cavity and eating her out, while also letting a spiritual figure (a ghost) lick her ass.
by mister moosecock October 23, 2011
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