(sense 1): Interjection signifying pain, weariness, disgust, resignation, etc. Very often part of oy vey or oy vas mir. Compare to English Jeez. (from Yiddish "oy", probably from old German; probably cognate to English "oh").

(sense 2): Interjection signifying annoyance. Very similar to sense 1, but more annoyed than resigned. (Probably from Cockney accent of English "Hey".)

(sense 3) Greeting meaning "hello" or "Hi". (Probably from Cockney "hi").
(sense 1) Oy, my feet hurt.

(sense 2) Oy! What the 'ell do ya think you're doin'?

(sense 3) Oy, mate! 'ow's it goin'?
by Ross November 7, 2003
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an exclamation of suprise, dismay, confusion, or any other feeling (from Heberew)
by The Return of Light Joker November 30, 2007
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word commonly used to express anger, frustration or complete disbelief in stupidity.

basically, the word "oy" is putting *smacks forehead* into a word.
Phil: so what time is practice later?
Sam: we have practice?
Phil: oy

Phil: Yes.
Phil: Yes
Sam: no
Phil: oy.

Phil: they dont get it still?
Sam: nope.
Phil: oy.
by sam_antha February 21, 2009
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"the funniest word ever" according to Lorelai on Gilmore Girls.
Oy, with the poodles already!
by age_107 July 2, 2005
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something to say to get attention when everyone is talking over you
Students: Why does mrs nash go oy whenever she calls us?

Mrs. Nash: OY!
Students: yes miss?
by sB129 March 15, 2008
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A term used between teens of DDP (Drunk Disorderly Punks) as a way of hollering at each other and saying "hi", since they are usually wandering the streets and need to yell to get attention. It also serves a double purpose of letting them know the one who yelled it is one of them.
by Chaparraltm June 26, 2009
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