Exclamation of surprise, amazement, etc.
Most probably stems from "oei!" A West-European word, similar to the English "Oh!" or "Oh dear!" or the more modern "What the hell?!".

Also used to attract attention.
Oy, what the hell do you think you're doing?
by LD June 24, 2004
1. (Exclamation) Often used in British English.
2. (Greeting) Also used mainly in British English. i.e "Oy, mate! How's it going?"
3. (Noun) The "Oy Tribe," a Canadian group of somewhat bizarre adolescents.
1. "Oy! I stubbed my toe!"
2. "Oy, mate! How's it going?"
3. "We should invite Deryck to join the Oy Rtibe."
by Anna November 9, 2003
use of the word can be found in the nanny from a jewish woman. Meaning something bad is going to or has happend.
"Oy, that can't be good!"
by Seymor skinner February 19, 2005
Oy- to be suprised or hurt
Oy! did that tackle hurt, or Oy! did that person I wrestle suprise me with his skill
by Kenny May 13, 2003
1. a derivative of hoy, meaning hello, or somesuch stuff
2. used to get someones attention
1. Oy! Whats going on?

2. Oy! Johnny! Bring dat booze over heah.
by Tony Kroeger December 28, 2002
(developed and used in the early 90's)

1. your closest friend.
homeboy or homegirl
boy w/o the 'o'
Wassup Oy?

by creammy_3 December 19, 2003
An exclaimation of pleasure during sexual intercourse.
Keel yelled "OY OY OY" when she reached the point of no return
by "Teddy" February 15, 2004