they have no teeth they love crumpets and tea and they speak minecraft enchantment table
"Oi bruv come down smithhingdam Knoll and ill show u who your bloody messin with ya dumb cunt" - british people
by actualhumanbeing November 22, 2020
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A phrase that creates a lot of debate and stereotyping between Americans and Britons on Urban Dictionary.
American: I'm going to define this word to take a stab at how snobby the British are!

British People: I'm going to define this word to jab at how fat Americans are!
by OhMy August 20, 2012
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People who are born in the U.K who have no teeth and have weird accents. Their only comeback is “AT LEAST OUR SCHOOLS ARENT GETTING SHOT UP.”
“I was talking to a british person and he is extremely gay and sucks big hard black penis.” “Well next time tell him he has no teeth and has a weird accent” “Okay” 5 hours later… “He said AT LEAST OUR SCHOOLS ARENT GETTING SHOT UP!” Yeah that’s british people for you… They dont have any other comebacks.
by feddy124 April 18, 2022
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Our brothers from across the pond. They have funny accents and like to drink hot tea. Somewhat bitter about losing the American Revolution. Most Brits are extremely liberal like our sisters from up north (Canada). They don't take too kindly to our "rights to bear arms" and usually address the subject of Americans as "Bastards!" and/or "ignorant fools". They gave us The Beatles, The Office, "Charlie" from LOST and well Ozzy Osbourne. :)
(Sharon's dog pees on the carpet)
OZZY: "Who pissed? Who pissed on my ***** ***** carpet!you f**** **(BEEP)**** ***(BEEP)***********(BEEP)***********."

British people: "I got a flat for let"
American: "WHAT?"
British people: "Sorry, I have an apartment that's for sale"
Guy1:What kind of sick people came up with the Spice Girls?
Guy2:British People
Guy1: Oh..that explains a lot.
by iHEARTbrits September 27, 2007
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Basically the backbone of the american lookout. We see them as the cool ones, and were just a bunch of jackasses! They can make anything sound cool like "Bananas in Pajamas." Smart and very funny people. (monty python)
Euro-Trip: Total stereotype of Brits. Yet, still funny in the way that the Brits are presented by swearing like scalliwags and drinking non-stop! Also very sporting for MANCHESTER UNITED THE GREATEST FOOTBALL TEAM EVER!!!!!!!!
by Jason Lovetto April 24, 2005
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i simp for british people
british people: ello luv thats pre poggers innit
by pogalicious August 24, 2020
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