A salutation of recognition from the UK, often shouted, sometimes in an ironic manner.
by Ian Chode September 14, 2003
When a lady of the eve is deepthroating your shaft and this is all you can say.
"Oy oy oy" i'm about to cum!
by ima5starnun September 22, 2014
a term used for any an all occasions
*nothing happens*
Julia and Nina at the same time “OY

Julia: should i dye my hair?
Nina: shave it off!
Julia: oy
by beefymemes November 11, 2019
1. listen, listen up, listen here. Any one of those. Pronounce oh-yai or oh-jai, depending on the specific dialect of spanish the person is speaking.

2. Once mentioned on an interview meant close to the same meaning as chico.

3. Characterized in the jewish vernacular as to describe a state of stress or kind of like our saying 'oh my G-d'
oye mi canto - listen to my song, listen to me sing
by KC November 29, 2005
1.) an expression of shock or amusement; oh my
by Jimbo McFly April 3, 2007
Used when you or someone else does something stupid. It also can be used if one is annoyed, disgusted, bored, surprised, or in pain. Or just for the thrill of saying something nobody else says.
Oy... my stupid sister stole my wallet!
by Ian December 14, 2003