a term to describe your feelings
i feel over with school
by Rev. John Smith February 2, 2017
1. well-known, exposed, garnering attention
Joe brags to get himself over.
by Ryan Dawson April 28, 2005
Completely UNFRESH!
by Rusty May 29, 2003
Passé. Outmoded. Shopworn. Stale. No longer fashionable or trendy.

Did you see the feathered hairdo on that girl? My God, that look is so over!

Yes, I used to love that TV show, but now I'm really over it.
by david lincoln brooks March 24, 2006
person 1 - i like licking milk
person 2 - :over:
by a australian guy March 23, 2019
Suggests that you've moved beyond a particular event - it doesn't bother you anymore.

Not to be confused with all over it
I had a tragic time last quarter and my GPA hit rock bottom - but I'm over it.
by warren b October 21, 2001
A pronouncement of the termination of a relationship by either one of the two parties involved in said relationship or an outside, objective party.
You: "Things were going so well. I called her twice a day, e-mailed and IM'ed her every five minutes, and gave up all my friends to hang out with her just to show her how much I cared. I honestly don't know what happened."

Vicfan: "It's over."
by vicfan March 23, 2004