1.Term used by African-American urban transsexuals and gays to say a transsexual woman can pass as a natural born female. The most notable reference to the word is in the 1991 documentary film "Paris Is Burning".

2. Can also be used much like the slang term "cool" to describe something as good or desirable.
1. Miss thing is the overness.

2. That dress is the overness.
by AkuaRising April 5, 2008
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What Americans typically call a foreign battle theater.
Stems from a popular patriotic song of the world war one era by the same name.
Usually a terrible place to be.
Bill: Where's Rick?
Scott: He joined up. He's over there.
Bill: No. Aw fuck! This has to end.
by ontario February 21, 2007
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Descriptive of one's certian level of intoxication; pertaining to any type of mind/mood altering substance used in excess.
"I've been waiting at this damn intersection for 10 minutes waiting for the stop sign to turn green...I'm so over."

"Dude if I smoke anymore I'll be way over"

**If you've lost the ablity to focus with both eyes open and/or are using the one-eyed-willie method simply to know who you're looking at, you're over.
by Mo79 November 8, 2004
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To be bent over the hood of a sexy car.
Oh man, I wish that girl would fly to Texas and let me get her all overed.
by AhaChickenbuttchickenbutt December 4, 2008
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Used to repeat the fact that an incel will never get into a relationship due to unchangeable circumstances.
Truecel: I'm balding at 18 and am only 5'3".

Truecel 2: it's over for you buddy boyo.

Truecel: Never began.
by its0verbuddyboyo April 14, 2023
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when its the apocalypse for you, like say you submitted something late by one minute
Dude1: Yo, did you print your English hw last night
Dude2: no dude i submitted through email, we were all supposed to
Dude1: It's over, It's all over now
by TOTALLYNEVERGOOD123 September 26, 2019
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Says/acts like there good but there not
Your so overated
by 123333344;5(5 April 27, 2018
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