7 definitions by warren b

Suggests that you've moved beyond a particular event - it doesn't bother you anymore.

Not to be confused with all over it
I had a tragic time last quarter and my GPA hit rock bottom - but I'm over it.
by warren b October 21, 2001
A euphemism for sex. See your local human anatomy book for more detail.
by warren b October 21, 2001
horrible and devastating. ten times worse than bad, and far from comic.
I couldn't find any French's Mustard - it was tragic!
by warren b October 21, 2001
Completely enthusiastic or expert about a particular topic.

Not to be confused with over it
by warren b October 21, 2001
a level of fine on par with a superhero's strength -- infinitely attractive
she's not just a hot broad, she's superfine!
by warren b February 27, 2002
The action of attaching a tip to the end of a cable. After the tip is attached you can plug the cable into the networking card.

the process must be executed with great care and style; poorly crimped ends can cause problems which are nightmarishly difficult to identify.
I just snip crimp and plug and bam bam we are online
by warren b October 19, 2001