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Used sarcastically to mean "Good job."

way to go
Joe: I pinned my foot to the floor with this nail gun.
Jim: Way to be!
by Ryan Dawson October 18, 2005

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1. to defeat utterly
2. to level, as with a blow
3. to destroy
see own

1. a thourough beating
2. complete failure
usually used without an article

Note: Sometimes this word is expanded into "rape/d in the butt" or contracted into "'rape."
If Joe fought Jim, he would get buttraped.

As predicted, Joe experienced buttrape.
by Ryan Dawson January 05, 2005

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1. well-known, exposed, garnering attention
Joe brags to get himself over.
by Ryan Dawson April 28, 2005

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1. The quality or condition of being moronic.
2. A moronic act, remark, or idea.
First rule of moronity:
Inevitably, everyone underestimates the number of morons in circulation.

by Ryan Dawson February 06, 2006

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Firmness of purpose; resolution.

If you want to get your science project done on time, you'll have to show some stick-to-it-iveness

by Ryan Dawson April 19, 2006

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n. pl.
1. describes the condition in which a bad breast augmentation surgery has left a woman with cleavage that appears unnaturally wide
Pam Anderson has some serious robo-boob.
by Ryan Dawson January 03, 2005

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Ditzy, scatterbrained, vacuous

see also air head
Both sisters are hot, but the elder of them is a bit light in the skull.
by Ryan Dawson April 03, 2006

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