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Besides an un-PC imitation of an Asian's speech accent, rotsa ruck is a backhanded rejoinder: It is a way of sarcastically saying: "You'll never be successful at doing that." OR "That's a near-impossible task."

Probably originated on American college campuses of the 1960's.
Man #1: I'm studying political science and world religions, so I can finally bring peace between the Jews and Muslims on the Gaza Strip.

Man #2: Rotsa ruck on THAT one.


Woman: I'm meeting with the Texas PTA tonight to convince teachers to discuss GLBT issues with their sixth-graders.

Man: Hey, rotsa ruck on that.
by david lincoln brooks March 23, 2014
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Slang phrase meaning figuratively to spoil a good thing or favorable situation by some erring, usually small, behavior.
Michael Dukakis seemed like a good presidential candidate; but he peed in the punchbowl by revealing he had been treated for depression.

Oprah Winfrey's TV network was going well until her CEO peed in the punchbowl with her incompetence and was fired.
by david lincoln brooks May 06, 2011
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Microwaveable food, especially pre-prepared meals.

So-called because of the sounds the microwave oven makes: the "ping" of punching in cooktimes, and the "ting" heard when the cooking is through.
Marge: Why not come over for dinner tonight? I'll serve lasagna.

Annabel: But you're so busy these days! I don't want you to go to any trouble.

Marge: Oh, it's only a ping-and-ting.
by david lincoln brooks February 02, 2008
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(South African surfer's slang.)

("pippi" is a small penis; a "jorl" is a pleasurable excursion, outing or drive) Slightly pejorative, but not meanspirited.

A young teenager or pubescent thought to be juvenile or sexually inexperienced and hence somewhat insignificant. a "teeny-bopper".
Example 1: "Last night I tried to kry a doppie at the bar, but the place was full of pippi-jorlers!"

Translation: "Last night I tried to score an alcoholic drink at the bar, but the place was full of young irksome teeny-boppers."

Example 2: "Man, the beach was crammed with pippi-jorlers yesterday."

Translation: "Man, the beach was filled with very young annoying teenagers yesterday."
by david lincoln brooks November 15, 2010
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Impenetrable, incomprehensible, gibberish, utterly foreign, incapable of being understood.

This is the more traditional, colloquial meaning in American slang. Something, usually text or a learned subject, that is difficult to comprehend or understand.
"I am trying to learn calculus, but failing miserably. It's all Greek to me."

"Can you read what it says on the menu? It's all greek to me."
by david lincoln brooks November 05, 2017
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From the world of international perfumery. This word is used to describe perfumes which remind one of the sort of scented body oils one typically finds for sale at a head shop. Which is to say: potent, dark, synthetic, somewhat inelegant and indelicate, or blended to have a cloying, stale or lurid heaviness.
Perfumista #1: Have you tried that new perfume called DUNGEON?

Perfumista #2: Yes... it's really not my style. Too headshoppy. I prefer fragrances which are light, fresh and natural.
by david lincoln brooks April 21, 2011
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Taken from the world of cinema and CGI (computer-generated imagery), this refers to the controlled ageing, weathering and worrying done to the set, props and costumes of a movie to give the viewer the impression of an old or used or weathered mise-en-scene.
I'm directing a picture about 18th century France, and my artistic designer currently has hands simulating an authentic look of the period by using charcoal and mud to dirtify all my sets.
by david lincoln brooks August 05, 2007
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