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Originating in the U.S. Army of WWII, this is the shorthand slogan to describe the hygiene preparation an enlisted soldier must do to ready himself for a military inspection by superiors.

"Shine" refers to the careful and thorough polishing of one's black military boots.

Now it has entered civilian use to mean preparation for any important social event in which one must look good, often abbreviated nowadays to just "shit, shave and shower".
Soldier 1: "We've got an inspection later today from the brass."

Soldier 2: "Guess it's time to shit, shave, shower and shine."
by david lincoln brooks February 18, 2013
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(South African surfer's English. Derived from Afrikaans.)

A "guy", a man, a fellow, a "dude".

Rhymes with "oak". Also seen as "ou".
Ag, nought, man, I don't smaak that ouk, ek se.

"Oh, no, man, I don't like that dude, I have to say."
by david lincoln brooks November 13, 2010
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Impenetrable, incomprehensible, gibberish, utterly foreign, incapable of being understood.

This is the more traditional, colloquial meaning in American slang. Something, usually text or a learned subject, that is difficult to comprehend or understand.
"I am trying to learn calculus, but failing miserably. It's all Greek to me."

"Can you read what it says on the menu? It's all greek to me."
by david lincoln brooks November 5, 2017
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Slang phrase meaning figuratively to spoil a good thing or favorable situation by some erring, usually small, behavior.
Michael Dukakis seemed like a good presidential candidate; but he peed in the punchbowl by revealing he had been treated for depression.

Oprah Winfrey's TV network was going well until her CEO peed in the punchbowl with her incompetence and was fired.
by david lincoln brooks May 6, 2011
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An aparatchik is someone who enters a pre-existing human hierarchy (like a corporation, a government or an online Forum) purely for egotistical reasons of his/her own. In other words, they have no sympathy or interest in THE ORIGINAL TOPIC OR CAUSE for which the corporation, government or forum was created; rather, they simply see the hierarchy as a ladder by which they can cynically achieve their own selfish aims (money, power, visibility, etc.)
The city politics of Finetown used to be so interesting, as its founders were passionate crusaders who truly wanted to create a utopia; today, however, Finetown's council is filled with bored aparatchiks who just seek to get ahead and make money without accomplishing anything.
by david lincoln brooks January 26, 2009
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Adult human semen, when donated to a sperm bank or fertility clinic in exchange for money... usually around $50 a donation. Often a source of quick easy funds for college males.
Frat boy 1: "Can you go in with us for a keg this weekend?"

Frat Boy 2: "I'm broke now, but I'll have 60 bucks to chip in after I drop off some white gold."

Frat Boy 1: "So you've managed to turn your hobby into a business, I see..?"
by david lincoln brooks April 27, 2007
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(South African surfer's English. Derived from Afrikaans.)

To like or prefer someone or something. Rhymes with "smock". Literally means "to taste".
Ag, nought, man, I don't smaak that ouk, ek se.

"Oh, no, man, I don't like that dude, I have to say."
by david lincoln brooks November 13, 2010
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