40 definitions by Rusty

The act of pissing into a fan and enjoying it
Guy1: Man, I tried to give my g/f a golden shower, but she turned the fan next to her on and it came back at me...and I liked it
Guy2: DUDE! She made you give yourself a Bohemian Shower! Don't touch me...
by Rusty July 18, 2004
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Those who seek fulfilment through pleasure in life.

See also: epicurean
I am a dirty hedonist. Take off your pants and lather yourself in this chocolate syrup.
by Rusty March 4, 2005
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just another way to say you're banned in 1337 speak.
person1: shit dude, i got a binniq on #stormclan last night.

person2: word.
by Rusty October 27, 2004
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one day i sat on his folder in gym and hes fucking kicked me in the shin like 4 times the fuck and i guess i learned my lession....im the duche
by Rusty June 17, 2004
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beyond cool. the coolest thing ever. totaly rad. whoa..
I am wicked awesome.
by Rusty April 23, 2004
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The greatest Underground Rapper of all time
<i>Professional, upping the decibel a decimal above
Extraterrestrial audible vessels
For blood audible missiles and vocal dismissals
Like pistols tearing through MC's skeletal gristles</i>
by Rusty February 17, 2005
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guerilla means to use Force
To guerilla means to use physical force - Big L
by Rusty February 17, 2005
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