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A military word used by Nco's to tell a soldier that he is on fire.
Man that soldier is daroach.
by Rusty March 5, 2005
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deadruid is a chobo czech war3 player. spends most of his time chatin on IRC.
<rusty> yo anyone here?
<DeaDruid> sure wanna chat? :D
by Rusty October 25, 2004
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the dumass idiots that arreested you for skateboarding
by Rusty February 13, 2003
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pussy poppin, when a hoe gets her freak on, by leanin backwards till one hand touches the ground and thrusts her pussy in the air.
Misty was p-poppin on the dancefloor with three dudes tryin to get on her.
by Rusty December 8, 2003
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RD is a military word meaning real deal.
Man that guy is the RD.
by Rusty March 5, 2005
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Completely UNFRESH!
by Rusty May 29, 2003
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