When something is old, no longer relevant and/or over used.
"Omg did you hear about what Janice did to Veronica?!?!"

"Oh girl I've been hip... that shit is stale"
by Kaitlynstarshaw December 29, 2016
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Similair to peak, but used to describe a person. Almost a mixture of when somebody is dead/boring and peak.
Riley French is so stale
“Ye I know he’s always scoring sweaty goals with Icon Hernandez
by OJ S January 25, 2018
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means "Corny" something "not Funny",Wack
Hey guys you heard of "SafeWay" right well what if I called it "DANGEROUS WAY"..lol

by Momado300 June 26, 2009
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A person who always sides with the same person, even when he knows that that person is in the wrong, he still sides with him/her, because the person knows he cannot win an argument with the one he always sides with
Mrs, Reynolds is so stale, she always sides with Patrice even though she knows I didn't do anything
by Jahage November 27, 2013
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To be Stale is to be in a Zen like state, for instance whilst having a hangover where the body is feeling sick, and the mind is not willing to do anything, hence zoning out, and being stale.
Guy 1 : Dude I’m staler than a stale cake on stale cake Wednesday
Guy 2: Dude that is stale
by Stoner422 January 8, 2009
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The opposite of fresh; Lacking freshness; Missing the certain freshness acquired by fresh clothes therefore being stale
Bob: "Man look at that guys kicks! They're so stale!"
Jim: "Yeah, they're not fresh at all"

Andy: "Man, you're so stale"
Larry: "Yeah I need to get some fresh new clothes..."
by CS92 February 12, 2010
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The opposite to the British slang term 'fresh' - A person who, having come from another country to the Uk and being seen as 'fresh' has since adopted to the customs, habits, dialects etc of that particular region.
- Your grandma's from Nigeria? Is she fresh?

- Nah she's been living here quite a while, she's stale now.


- I lost my strong Dutch accent after spending 10 years in England.
by Captain Capable September 18, 2011
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