An extremely overly paranoid individual usuallly high on meth or some other type of stimulant...the person is usuallyvery high strung and easily distracted by most anything.
Man, stop being a tweaker andshard farming there isn't any dope in the carpet i vaccumed..
by N9NA 9MILLAMETA July 19, 2015
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A tweeker is some one who uses meth to stay up for many days.
tweaker -if you are up for 14 days you are a "two weeker".
by Lvingdedgrlinphx May 27, 2015
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Also: tweeker.

1. Person who constantly stays up cleaning, washing, organizing, powertooling, sorting or otherwise keeping themself busy doing menial tasks.
2. Someone who constantly makes slight alterations on (usually a very specific) object, i.e. computer, software, automobile, etc.
3. A compulsive liar, thief, or both.
4. A methamphetamine ("tweak"), or other form of speed, addict (who displays all of the above in an obsessive-compulsive manner).
"Tommy what are you doin' man?"
"I've been real busy sorting bolts!"
"For three days?"
"It's important though..."

What's the difference between a crackhead and a tweaker?
The crackhead will steal your shit and bounce--the tweaker will steal your shit and then help you look for it.
by A New STD February 12, 2005
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A person that is under the influence of methamphetamines and is in the middle of three projects at the same time none of which will ever be completed.
I watched Johnny search through his bag with one hand while making something with the other,he is such a tweaker.
by Jamie Pheloney April 9, 2005
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A person who does Crystal Meth. They talk very fast all the time. You're lucky to get a word in with a serious tweaker. They do obsessive projects ranging from, taking a TV set apart, to cleaning a tile floor with a tooth brush. Not finishing anything is common. The thing about meth is that some people have done so much, that even when they quit, they are so damaged that they retain all the characteristics of a tweaker. Ruined for life.
That dude is such a tweaker, he won't stop talking!
by Roadie Overthegate March 9, 2007
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Most commonly known as a speed/meth addict.
Less commonly known as: a female stoner.
1) "Look at Tim smokin that shit in the corner...what a tweaker."
2) "Yeah, Dori's such a tweaker!"
by Yramesor! April 15, 2004
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A person that can't stay still and is constantly occupying themselves with meaningless activities which will never be be completed.
Tim is working on one of his tweaker projects in the garage.
by Jamie Pheloney April 9, 2005
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