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When a black person gives a white person a pass to say the n-word. The white person is usually then beaten up by all of the black people in the area.
Black guy: u get the pass, homie

White friend: *yells or uses the n-word*

All of the black people around: Ay, let's get him!
by Real ones October 04, 2017
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The pass is the all time n-word pass only given to you by a black person. It means that you can say the n-word once and the black guy can’t get mad because he gave your the pass. Another circumstance is the all season pass. This means you have an infinite amount of n-word passes for as long as the black guy says you can. Ex: one day, one week etc.
β€œHey homie you got the all season pass for a year!”

β€œHere’s the pass”
by Mcchocherpants April 11, 2019
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