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Ouched is a known player mostly known for sounding like NotNico and
being good at impressions.

Ouched has been featured in many videos such as, "I found my Twin in Minecraft.." Published by Minecraft YouTuber NotNico in Feb 28, 2019.

He has also been in many videos of people thinking he was Nico.
If you are lucky, he will join your stream and troll you.
He is very known in the Hypixel Discord and other places.
Josh: Dude, did you hear ouched's voice?
Nicholas: Yeah dude, he sounds so much like Nico.
Jack: Ouched are you Nico?!
Cameron: Ouched sounds so much like Nico.
by Lmo23 September 09, 2019
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(v) The act of getting killed in a video game, usually Call of Duty, by a grenade launcher where the grenade strikes you dead but does not explode.
LaPointe61: W-T-F? How did I die, it didn't even explode.

Volker 75: Dude, I ouched you with my launcher!
by SixtyOne January 07, 2010
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The act of being harshly rejected by a romantic interest. One is said to have been 'ouched' when one bares ones soul to the object of ones desire and gets horribly crushed in the process.
George told Karen he loved her and got ouched.
by JRomeo78 May 18, 2007
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ouched a well-known player in the fortnite community.
he is 11 years old, he really likes attention.

he might even give you some fortnite guns for some attention!
Hey guys, have you seen ouched's new profile picture? let's give him some attention!
via giphy
by ShiddIsCute September 21, 2020
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