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the nicest, most genuinely sincere person you will ever meet. rasa is not materialistic, yet finds a way to look great every day; has a great sense of humor, very pretty; girls are jealous of her for both her personality and appearance, and guys are interested in her on account of her very mysterious nature. when rasa likes you, you will know it, but if she doesn't she won't show it because she has common courtesy and is very polite. definitely a girl that a guy would like to "take home to mom." rasa is now and always will be there for you; just a great person all around; someone you want to have as a friend; will make life more meaningful and something worth living for. rasa is loved by all.
rasa is so awesome! i wish i could be like her!
stop pretending to be rasa, you can't get up to her level!
if you keep being such a rasa, i think i just might have to marry you.
by nicole f. February 15, 2008
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1. Swahili slang for the bum/buttock/behind.

2. As an insult
i) Have you seen that chic's rasa?

ii) You rasa! (i.e, you ass!)
by A.E2E.P July 13, 2009
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